Personal gaming history

Gaming history tree b


One of the very first tasks we were set on my undergraduate music course at Surrey University was to construct a personal ‘listening history’. The aim was to piece together all the tracks, artists and musical styles we had been exposed to throughout our lives, as well as the people, places, circumstances and events that had led to these exposures. The intention was to gain a better understanding of how our musical taste and comprehension had been conditioned and influenced, and how these capacities had evolved. As a creative exercise it proved highly insightful, as it helped me to more thoroughly grasp why I enjoyed the music I did. This revelatory process subsequently allowed for the broadening of my aesthetic horizons.

With this blog, I will begin a similar exercise, but this time focussing on the numerous games that I have experienced from early childhood until now. Through this, I hope to develop a greater comprehension of why I am drawn to certain game design styles and elements, and why some particular genres do not appeal to me. In various blog entries I will dissect a variety of these games, and meanwhile I shall use this page to develop a timeline of when, where and with whom I played them.


TBC (refer to picture for an idea!).