The First Day of Switchmas

To celebrate the holiday season and an amazing first year for Nintendo’s latest console (and also to make the most of a semi-decent gaming pun), I present the twelve days of Switchmas. Each day will feature trivia about a game or group of games that have helped to make the Switch’s youth one that’ll be fondly remembered.

On the first day of Switchmas, Nintendo gave to me…
Super Mario Odyssey (2017).

Odyssey‘s kingdoms draw aesthetic and tonal influence from real world countries and cities. Some of the game’s most visually striking locales draw shamelessly from the likes of Mexico, New York and even historical Japan. However, despite the game being named after an ancient Greek epic, none of the kingdoms seem to take much inspiration from classical Greece.

Having said that, one of the water-based locations, Lake Lamode, does have pseudo-classical architecture, and the native Lochladies share some (tenous) parallels with depictions of the Sirens from Odysseus’ adventure. Still, it’s not quite the tip of the hat I was hoping for when I first learnt of the game’s premise.


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