Share the joy: Merely Players just launched its Facebook page

So I just published the Facebook page for this blog, which I guess in contemporary culture is akin to updating your relationship status to make things seem ‘official’. The banner image was created by my very talented partner (here’s her design portfolio). It’s meant to highlight several franchises close to my heart (though Pokémon‘s mostly there for popularity’s sake) and give them a social-media spin, alongside a theatrical twist inspired by the blog’s name and theming. Luigi’s channeling Macbeth, the Final Fantasy critters are Gothic themed, the Zelda-trio are wearing masks inspired by the Japanese ‘kabuki’ theatre tradition, and Squirtle’s doing his best Gene Kelly impression. My favourite though is definitely the Pikachu-Queen Liz II mash-up. ‘Fun’ fact: the background for the Charmeleon image comes (via image-editing wizardry) from a photo taken on the coast of the island where my family dwell.

Despite this emphasis on theatricality, so far I’ve written little on connections between classic literature, poetry and plays and video games (there is a Shakespeare piece in the offing). As such, I thought I’d riff on a favourite verse of mine by John Keats to celebrate the occasion:

Give me music, beer and games
Until ‘enough!’ I do exclaim.
You may do so sans objection
Until Atomic Armageddon
For, bless my face-fuzz, there’ll ever be
My beloved trinity.

Anyway, now that I’m visible on social media I’ll be updating fairly regularly, so I hope I’ll spew out a few things that you might find vaguely interesting. I’ll be releasing the second part of my tennis-games history and the other parts of my islands-in-games series, as well as the aforementioned Shakespeare article. Later there’ll be pieces on cricket games, Sherlock Holmes titles, in-game architecture and aesthetics, and a comprehensive look at my ‘game of the year’. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have inspired a few people to pick up a new game or two!


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